Debra Joy Goldman, MS, LMHC
My Approach to Psychotherapy & Counseling
Lake Park and Jupiter, FL

I'm Debra Joy Goldman, MS, LMHC and as a psychotherapist in practice for more than twenty five years I've noticed that people usually find it easy to say what is wrong and what they do not like and what is distressing or painful. Many may even have some idea of what they want their life to look like but often do not know how to get there.

(Does this describe you?)

For many years I've studied with some of the wisest minds in my field to gain the tools, methods and techniques that are the most effective in unlocking the deepest realms of self-understanding. I would love to share the benefits of my studies with you.

How I Work

  • I am trained to ask the right questions.
  • I am trained to listen in a certain way, to help you tune in to yourself.

I will help you learn to pay attention in a new way that allows information, insights, and revelations to occur. Our work together is an active process that helps draw out your own deeper wisdom, resources, and creativity. You'll be amazed!

Together we will identify patterns and habits and I will provide ideas and tools for change. We will focus on your strengths, explore your inner self and stimulate positive change in your life. Beginning with our first meeting you can choose a healthier direction and a more harmonious life.

Please call me at
to learn more about how my services can benefit
you with a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation!

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221 Greenwich Circle
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Jupiter, FL 33458
1408 N Killian Drive
Suite 112
Lake Park, FL 33403
(New office locations effective 10/1/2012)

Debra Joy Goldman, MS, LMHC
649 US Hwy One, Suite 11
Lake Park and Jupiter, FL 33408