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221 Greenwich Circle Suite 100, Jupiter, FL 33458 or 1408 N. Killian Drive Suite 100, Lake Park, FL 33403

My clients tell me that Groups are a perfect way to learn about themselves and make changes. Groups can be an economical way to participate in counseling and to give yourself the gift of a safe supportive place to heal.


"Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought "What a strange dream, I wonder what it means?" Do you have a dream that repeats itself throughout your life? Do you have bad dreams or nightmares? What are the messages from your dreams? Even if you don't remember your dreams they affect you daily.Dreams provide guidance, information, and insights about your physical health, your relationships, your potential for change, and your spiritual growth. Dreams provide life direction and answers to your deepest questions.

I help you to more fully experience, appreciate, and understand your dreams, and teach you to become your own Dream Expert. Your dreams act as your inner therapist. Working with with me and learning about your Dreams can have a life altering affect.


Dreams inform us about our health, relationships, challenges and possibilities. The Dream is a connection between everyday life and the divine.

In this group we share our Dreams in an accepting and supportive environment. We learn to read our Dreams and discover the relationship to our personal lives. We understand one person’s dream is everyone's Dream as we discover common life themes. Dreams speak in symbol language. Reading this language is done by learning to think by analogy and is very different from Freudian analysis or interpretation. During these groups you will learn how to utilize the messages in your Dreams, to change disturbing Dreams, and to understand the essentials of Dream work.


Wednesdays 5:30-7:30, Jupiter office.
Dates: January 11, February 1, 22, March 15, April 5.
Begin anytime. Fee prorated to start date.
Fee: $250



What you need to do is gather 2- 4 friends, co-workers or family members and call me to schedule a location and time for your very own Dream Group.

We can meet at my office, your home, your office or any location that is convenient for you.

Cost: $50 per person at my office (at your location additional travel charge may apply).

Call to schedule your group today: 561-247-0191


Reading Your Dreams
Messages from the Invisible Reality
Wednesdays: 5:30-8:30pm -

FEE:$50 for each date.
Next sessions available at

Attend one date or as many as you choose, Jupiter office

Your dreams are a rich source of information about yourself, your life, and your relationships. These groups are for you if:

You are interested in understanding the messages of your dreams.

You have vivid dreams but do not understand what they mean.

You do not remember your dreams but you would like to.

You have reoccurring dreams, or disturbing nightmares.

You want to know more about dreams.

Unlock the journey that your dreams take you on -- with this group as your key. Bring a Dream. Space is limited. Please call 561-247-0191 to reserve your space.








Also available: Individual Counseling


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Debra Joy Goldman, MS, LMHC
221 Greenwich Circle
Suite 100
Jupiter, FL 33458
1408 N Killian Drive
Suite 112
Lake Park, FL 33403
(New office locations effective 10/1/2012)