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    • Relationship Help I offer a unique approach which can benefit you and your partner and help you problem solve more effectively and develop greater intimacy in your relationship.

      Are you are wondering if its time to make your first appointment? The following might help.

      What is one of the most common problems for couples?

      Seven Signs It's Time for Marriage Counseling

      Most therapists agree couples wait too long to seek therapy. By the time couples get to the counselors office they are often flooded with feelings and entrenched in destructive patterns.

      Damage control and healing needs to take place. This needs to occur before changes can be attempted.

      Call a therapist and seek counseling if any one of these signs shows up in your marriage:

      1. If you feel stuck in the same pattern over and over even though you have attempted to change.
      2. If you experience thoughts of ending the relationship.
      3. If you are finding yourself attracted to other people, either for emotional intimacy or sexual intimacy and you are tempted to act on the feelings.
      4. If you tell everyone how you are feeling and what is going on with your relationship, except your spouse.
      5. You avoid being alone together. You make excuses to avoid going to bed at the same time, spend a lot of time on the computer, at work, talking on the phone, or being busy with kids. All ways to exit the relationship while still in it.
      6. If almost everything your spouse say is irritating and you do not like spending time together.
      7. Your spouse is angry or shut off from you and will not open up even though you try to talk.

      Come in early, you do not need to be in crisis. As soon as you identify any of the above seven signs call me. If your spouse will not go, go yourself. It is more difficult , but marriage counseling can start with one person seeking therapy.

      THE GOOD NEWS IS: If you see any of these signs you can pick up the phone today and start repairing your marriage now.

      If you have decided to set up your first appointment the following will be helpful.

      What Can You Expect?

      You have your first marriage counseling appointment scheduled. What can you expect? The first appointments are focused on assessment. It is helpful to give some thought to the following questions:

      1. What promted you to call the therapist?
      2. What would you like to change?
      3. What distresses you the most?
      4. How is this affecting you?
      5. If you and your partner got superlative treatment of what would it consist?
      6. What do you want or not want from the therapist.
      7. What do you imagine the therapist is expecting from you?

      Thinking about these questions is therapeutic in itself. You are beginning the healing process.

      The therapist will join with you in helping you to answer these questions and will tell you about their recommendations on frequency of sessions and treatment focus.

      Ultimately the first session you will feel either it is "a good fit" or it is not. Do not hesitate to find a therapist that does "feel like a good fit". Research reveals that the most important factor that influences the outcome of therapy is the relationship between the therapist and the client.

      Considering therapy? I welcome your call or email today so that we can discuss how my services can benefit you.

      My offices are located in Jupiter and Lake Park FL.

      Please call me at
      to learn more about how my services can benefit
      you with a free 15-minute telephone consultation!

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