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New Book!

Love in Action

Love in Action, A Manual for Lasting Love
by Debra Joy Goldman

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Are you married, involved in a new relationship, or looking for a partner in life?

According to psychotherapist Debra Joy Goldman couples can improve their relationship with simple small changes. Her new book Love in Action, A Manual for Lasting Love instructs how to have more love and fulfillment, and offers inspirational and motivating techniques to improve your relationships. The book is available at Ms. Goldman'’s office in, and here online at her Website.

Her writing is easy to read and understand. The book will provide insightful, actionable ideas to assist you in your endeavor to have the love and fulfillment that you want. Included in the price of the book is a half hour phone consult with Debra. Call 561-247-0191.

Here is a small sampling of what is in the book:

Traits of a Happy and Healthy Marriage

Twelve symptoms of marital happiness

Ten attributes of a healthy relationship

No perfect marriages, only perfect moments ... plus more

Stages and Cycles of Marriage

How does having children affect your marriage?

What happens after the kids leave?

How to survive the ups and downs of marriage ... plus more

Tools for Change

How to stop your thoughts from keeping you stuck

Finding your own voice in your marriage

Eight steps to peace of mind

Want a happy wife?

Want a happy husband?

How to evaluate your marriage in five minutes

You've got to learn to laugh...It's the way to true love

It is the small things that make a marriage work

How can you be married and still date? .... plus more

Problem areas in Marriage

Money and marriage...If only we had more money

Domestic violence: what it is and where to get help

How do you survive when your spouse suffers from an addiction?

Four tips: What to do when your spouse has a mental health problem

How your childhood affects your marriage

Sex-how to deal with differences in desire

Five keys to heal infidelity ... plus more

With more than 25-years experience a psychotherapist in private practice treating couples and individuals, Debra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the important topic of relationships. This book will provide insightful, actionable ideas to assist you in your endeavor to have the love and fulfillment that you want.

I am very excited to publish this book and to be able to share so many wonderful successful techniques with so many people. I hope to you hear from you soon if I can assist you! -- Debra Joy Goldman


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